The company Fahrzeugbau Kempf was founded on 15th of April, 1950.   Walter Kempf ohne Hintergrund

The founder, Walter Kempf was a blacksmith, he bought old cars made in pre-war time and converted those cars into towing vehicles for agricultural use. Due to his technical skills and craftsmanship together with his imagination he was very successful and the demand for such vehicles was large. In the year 1951 Walter Kempf  gave up the conversion of old cars and specialized in the development of new products.

An old shelter was rebuilt as a blacksmith`sworkshop and became the first registered business address.

Walter Kempf took individual requirements and wishes of his customers for vehicles and trailers very seriously and implemented them with high precision. At the times of economic boom in Germany his company was already on the road to success.
In the year 1974 vehicle no. 1000 was built.
A continuous upward trend was resulting in reconstruction and extensions of the administration- and  production buildings.
In order to improve the service for commercial vehicles the company „Kempf Fahrzeug-Reparatur GmbH“ was founded in the year 1978. Within the following years the workshop had been extended four times. In the year 1992 a new building for pre-cut parts had been erected and a modern sandblasting plant with exhaust system and blast medium recovery came into operation.

The center of KEMPF's- philosophy was always individual customer oriented and the knowledge about the importance of service.
The professional service offered by KEMPF was and is not only limited to our own products but also to products of different origin.

In the year 2006 an opportunity was found to acquire a production hall in the industrial area of Bad Marienberg. Initially we used this hall for enlarging our production capacity but very soon we run again out of space and it turned out that we had to build another production hall in the year 2007.
In order to fabricate economically and efficiently the company should be in one place. Unfortunately the space around was too small. Only with the good help and support of the local authorities of Bad Marienberg we were able to purchase industrial ground right beside our existing location. New production facilities including sandbalsting and painting workshop had been built in the year 2010. After finishing there will be a total under roof area of more than 20.000 m².

At the locations in Bad Marienberg, Nisterau and Kowary Fahrzeugbau Kempf produce, -with a total of 250 employees- tailor made commercial vehicles for various applications. Upon request of the beverage industry KEMPF developed a very successful beverage semitrailer, fitted perfectly to the requirements of the branch in respect of transporting the lightweight PET (Plastic) -bottles.                                                                      
In comparison with the conventional platform semitrailers, which are also commonly used for this purpose, the KEMPF beverage semitrailer is, due to its intelligent design and the low empty weight, able to carry 30% more payload.
This is one good example for the demand oriented policy of KEMPF and also for the changes concerning the requirements in transportation business.

KEMPF has also a leading position in the field of waste management vehicles. Beside platform semitrailers with automatic loading and unloading systems, there are also special tipping semitrailers for transport and disposal of waste and special waste in our product range.

More detailed information you will find under the heading “Products”!

Founder: Walter Kempf

Workers at the Forge

The first KEMPF Tipper


Junior staff: Heinz and Norbert Kempf

Heinz und Norbert Kempf

In the year 1995 both of Walter Kempf  sons, Heinz Kempf and Norbert Kempf, took over the management of  Fahrzeugbau KEMPF GmbH and continued the business successfully.


KEMPF Executives: Daniel Dreßler, Norbert Kempf and Heinz Kempf.

Fahrzeugbau aus Leidenschaft.