Dump Trucks

The ideal combination for transporting pallets and solid bulk materials.

Universalism is, beside low dead weight and high payload, the essential factor when investing in a new commercial vehicle. Universal capabilities will provide you with more flexibility in loading and disposing of the vehicles and ensure a more profitable efficiency.
Taking into consideration this aspect, KEMPF dump trucks are prime examples in respect to universalism and efficiency. The weight optimized dump design (FEM- technique), the use of selected materials (grain refined steel and aluminum for dump bridges) assure a low empty weight and therefore an optimized payload and profitability. At the same time, the individual vehicle combination allows you to load solid bulk material and/or pallets with an optimized utilization of loading capacity for truck and trailer. Efficiency and reliability at building sites and off road.

Heavy loads and dirt roads cannot stop dump trucks made by KEMPF. Far from it! Especially here, off road, under hardest conditions we are eager to pick up the challenge and to demonstrate the KEMPF quality in connection with the advantages of intelligent design.

Tailor made vehicles by variable configuration of extra equipment.
Each dump truck made by KEMPF will be produced on the basis of standardized equipment and additionally amended by a large pool of offered accessories. There is almost no requirement which KEMPF cannot fulfill. Furthermore KEMPF offer for very special requests and applications individually custom made concepts such as:

  • Fix or removable crane mountings
  • Various walk way options
  • Various options in frames for tarpaulins
  • Deflectors for dump material (pneumatic or hydraulic)
  • Platform gates (swing- or door type)
  • Transport clamps for  mobile forklifts

and other intelligent and useful extras which assure our customers essential advantages in the day by day use against standardized solutions.


Fahrzeugbau KEMPF Kippaufbau rot

KAB 30616


Fahrzeugbau KEMPF Kippaufbau seitlich gekippt

KAB 30619


Fahrzeugbau KEMPF Kippaufbau blau

KAB 31078