Flatbed Trucks

Platform-Trailer made by KEMPF are all custom made, sophisticated up to the smallest detail. They are tailor made for the special requirements of a defined cargo in order to maximize functionality and economic efficiency.

Fahrzeugbau KEMPF Pritschenfahrzeug


Pritschen Anhänger Mulde PA 23027


Fahrzeugbau KEMPF Pritschenanhänger




One example is the semitrailer for transportation of beverages which has been developed exactly according to the special requirements after introduction of PET-bottles. This applies to the utilization of load volume, to safety as well as to fast loading and unloading.


Fahrzeugbau KEMPF Getränke Sattel Auflieger


The possible fields of application however are much bigger than only the transport of PET-bottles. Due to the variable intermediate floors the semitrailer for beverage transport made by KEMPF can also be used for other transportation duties. This might be as 34 pallets platform or other goods which require an uninterrupted loading area. The strong intermediate floors are capable to bear the load of a forklift. Loading/unloading can be done from the side or from the tailgate.

Fahrzeugbau KEMPF Getränke Sattel Auflieger von innen