Tipping Semitrailer

Fahrzeugbau KEMPF Stahle Rundmulde Membran

Type SKM 35/3 SR


Fahrzeugbau KEMPF Kippsattelauflieger mit Aluminium Rund Mulde

3-Axle-Aluminum-Halfround-Body withlarge floorGerde with hydraulic operated
Type SKM 35/3 ARB


Standard- and Large-Capacity Box Type Tipper

The diversity of the tasks in transportation business require high technical standards in respect to design, equipment and functionality for state-of-the-art commercial vehicles. Low dead weight, the right selection of task-oriented accessories as well as the maximum capacity of loading platform and chassis frame are the essential criteria in the challenge about low cost and higher profitability.
Special trailer designed for the transportation of potatoes. The tipper body is completely made out of man-made-material and provide a good insulation (no thermal bridges) and therefore prevent the potatoes to freeze to the body during transport in cold seasons.

For the various transportation tasks KEMPF provides Tipping Semitrailer with bodies made out of steel and aluminum for load capacities from 20m3 to 90m3. Standard box bodies are primarily used to carry sand, gravel, asphalt and other heavy weight bulk materials. The large capacity box bodies are specially made for lighter goods as corn, fruits or potatoes. Furthermore, due to the big dimensions they are perfectly suited for the transportation of waste, mixed cargo and pallets.


Stöffel Liner Fahrzeugbau KEMPF

3-Axle-Aluminum-Box-Body, Type SKM 35/3 AK, tailgate as double wing door, with grain hatch and slide, approx. 48 m3 load volume, dead weight approx.  5.700 kg.


Halfround Bodies made of Steel and Aluminum

In comparison with similar normal box bodies the bodies made of a combination of steel and aluminum have less weight. The load capacities of 20m3 to 60m3 make them suitable for multiple use. Beside the low dead weight the Halfround Bodies made of Steel and Aluminum provide you with a considerable number of  additional construction-conditioned advantages.

Stah Rundmulde Membran Fahrzeubau KEMPF

3-Axle-Steel-Halfround-Body with hydraulic operated tailgate Typ SKM 35/3 SR, Floor thickness 8 mm, approx. 22 m3 load volume, dead weight approx. 7.400 kg.


Fit for the purpose by practical designed details

Innovative vehicle concepts are not only major breakthroughs in development but also a multitude of tested and proven details. Beside the intelligent design steps for improvement of payload, volume capacity, handling and stability against overturning, time and costs will be saved by the speed and reliability in daily work, granted by our own development of detailed design solutions for small parts.

KEMPF schleuse

High-Performance-Rotary-Feeder with Transversal-Screw-Conveying - a development by KEMPF.


Advantageous Technology – Simply Useful

Tipping Semitrailer made by KEMPF offer a multitude of advantages which form a package of customized solutions for your challenges in transportation. This package comprises functionality, reliability and profitability.

  • Good handling and high stability against overturning due to low center of gravity and special design of chassis frame (e.g. shear plates and box traverses).
  • High grade aluminum alloy and the use of thermal treated aluminum sheets for a longer durability.
  • Foldable underride bars and foldable anti-spray mudflaps for building site usage and better maintenance.
  • Easy operating of parking brakes by serial mounted spring brake cylinders.


Laufsteg Fahrzeugbau KEMPF

The „easy to walk on“ walk way insures the opening and closing of the roll-up tarpaulin fast, easy and safe. The walk way might be installed optional on the tipping body or on its chassis frame.

Download: Bauprospekt Sattelauflieger 2020

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