Two way or Three way Dump Semitrailer

Low empty weight and  high flexibility.
To raise the operating efficiency of the solutions to your various transportation tasks to the highest degree.

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Tailor made vehicles for different range of applications.          

Different transportation tasks determine the requirements for the design of commercial vehicles. Beside the branch specific configuration and the user-friendly operating functions major focus will be put on flexibility and efficiency of the vehicles.

KEMPF is able to customize the requirements and accommodate them with technically feasible solutions by weight optimized chassis design, intelligent details and the use of high grade materials (i.e. dump bridges made of steel, aluminum or a mixture of both).

The long lasting know-how and the orientation to the requirements of the various fields of application ensure technically mature concepts with amazing variety, high payload and maximum efficiency.


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Characteristic for the dump semitrailer with two-way aluminum dump bridge is the low empty weight, stability and flexibility. Special grain refined steel and high grade aluminum alloy ensure the lightweight as an aluminum body without missing the flexibility of a multiple way dumper.


As lightweight as an aluminum body – as flexible as a multiple way dumper.

To dump sideways with an aluminum body – how does this work?

The two-way and three-way dump semitrailer made by KEMPF will give you an answer to this question. In fact, such semitrailers combine the advantage in weight of the aluminum body with the flexibility of a multiple way dumper. In case the bulk freight should not only be dumped backwards but also sideways these two-way and three way dump semitrailer are exactly the right solution.

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A big advantage which can be utilized by the two-way and three-way dump semitrailer made by KEMPF and which are to the benefit of its owner.

In order to achieve the required stability on one side and the low empty weight of an aluminum body on the other hand special aluminum profiles have been developed for the design of the dump bridge. Those special profiles are proprietary and are exclusively installed in KEMPF`s vehicles.

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Ein Vorteil, den die Zweiseiten- und Dreiseiten-Sattelkippauflieger von KEMPF für sich in Anspruch nehmen können und von dem die Besitzer dieser Fahrzeuge profitieren.


Fit for the purpose by practical designed details          

Innovative vehicle concepts are not only major breakthroughs in development but also a multitude of tested and proven details. Beside the intelligent design steps for improvement of payload, volume capacity, handling and stability against overturning, time and costs will be saved by the speed and reliability in daily work, granted by our own development of detailed design solutions for small parts.  

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Advantageous Technology – Simply Useful        

Dump Semitrailer made by KEMPF offer you a multitude of advantages which form a package of customized solutions for your challenges in transportation. This package will not leave open any expectations in respect to functionality, reliability and profitability.


  • Light as aluminum – hard as steel! Low empty weight and high payload by weight optimized chassis design and the use of high grade aluminum alloys.
  • Dump-bridge optionally made of steel, aluminum or as steel-aluminum combination.
  • Good handling and high stability against overturning due to low center of gravity and special design of chassis frame (e.g. shear plates and box traverses).
  • High grade aluminum alloy and the use of thermally treated aluminum sheets for a longer durability.
  • Foldable underride barriers and foldable anti-spray mudflaps for building site usage and better maintenance.
  • Easy operating of parking brakes by serial mounted spring energy cylinders.